Sometimes it takes a while to figure out your “why”. Or more so, to find a way to weave it into the fabric of your everyday work.

I realized mine recently while reading these words from some of my clients:

  • “It was a massive load-off my shoulders to not have to think about marketing and brand awareness to the extent I would have had to without her help.”
  • “She made me feel like my being and my mission matters”
  • “Nicole leads with her soul, and that is what attracted me to her”

This is my “why”—empowering other women to succeed in their businesses.

It’s also been a catalyst for a shift in my own business.


Never formulaic, our approach is to meet you where you’re at with an empathetic ear. Using our 3‒step process we tailor a program that’s right‐sized for you. Discovery is always the first step. Listening and learning about you, your business goals and challenges, so we can get a baseline. Analysis comes second. This is where we test our assumptions to make sure we’re asking the right questions. From there, the third step is working with you in a coaching style that combines flexibility with accountability. Depending on your goals and starting point, this can entail research, evaluation and assessment, prioritizing, action plans, roadmaps, collaborative work sessions, and more.


We bring a mix of creative and business skills to the table that comes from 20+ years working with startups, small businesses and Fortune 500 clients alike. Our background is multidisciplinary, spanning marketing, branding, content, and product. The result is an uncanny ability to view businesses holistically, quickly identify roadblocks, and spot potential problems before they arise. Mavyn also has a proven track record. Whether it’s a 30% bump in site traffic in just one month, driving last minute registrations for a big event on social media, or successfully selling in a new product or service, clients get results from working with us. 


A native New Yorker now living in New Jersey, Nicole Spiegel‒Gotsch is the founder and CEO of Mavyn. After starting her career at a new media nonprofit during the tech boom of the 90s, she moved over to advertising and promotion at a major publishing house.

In 2007, she left corporate life to work for herself while getting an M.A. in Graphic Communications Management & Technology at NYU. Her Capstone would be on Barriers to Women’s Entrepreneurship. What followed was an exciting ride working on a range of creative and strategic projects across over a dozen industries. In 2020 she launched Mavyn, a marketing consultancy to help women business owners and entrepreneurs navigate their own windy paths to success.

As a Latina, she is passionate about women’s empowerment and supports diversity and inclusion at every level. Nicole gives back by serving on various leadership committees, nonprofit advisory boards, and mentoring students and alumni. When she’s not working you’ll find her writing, drawing, doing yoga, or spending time with her husband and their dog Bea.

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