From side hustles to startups, Mavyn is ready to help you build, launch, and grow. Together, we’ll take on common trouble areas from figuring out your target market to fine-tuning your brand, and making your website work for you.


Women-owned businesses face similar challenges. Building brand awareness, attracting and keeping customers, strategizing and planning for growth, and keeping pace with an ever-shifting digital marketing landscape—all while trying to maintain that delicate work/life balance.

Phew, it’s exhausting just thinking about it! Is it any wonder that we might experience overwhelm, uncertainty, or even an occasional lack of confidence?

That’s where 1:1 consulting comes in. Unlike generic workshops and webinars, our Mavyn Power-Up and Mavyn On-Demand packages are designed to fit you.

Discovery & Review

When it comes to budgeting, planning, prioritizing, and goal setting, business owners need to be sure that they’re asking the right questions (at the right time) and have a clear picture of where they’re at. We offer two different levels of professional discovery and review to reveal untapped opportunities and find trouble spots to customer benefit?

Research & Strategy

Don’t make the costly mistake of underestimating the importance of research and strategy. This common business pitfall can result in a failed launch, wasted advertising dollars, messaging that doesn’t land, or worse. We offer custom research, strategy, and analysis to take you beyond tactics and answer key questions about your audience, competition, and industry.


If you're considering starting a business, highly recommend booking a free consult with
@nspiegelgotsch of @hellomavyn. I already feel so much more clarity after just a 30min convo.

Allison Grayce, Co‐founder,

We loved working with Nicole putting together a marketing roll-out strategy for our business, Reframe Wellness. She was responsive, creative, and met us where we were, but lifted us to where we needed to be. We could not recommend her more!

Shawna Bonaby & Kindra Davison, Co‐founders, Reframe Wellness

I met with Nicole about my new business venture and the advice I got was absolutely amazing. She is extremely knowledgeable about start-ups and how to navigate all the pitfalls of marketing and working with other companies. Her advice has given me the confidence to grow and move my business forward. I highly recommend her and look forward to working with her in the future!

Holly Bernitt Saks, ED.d Co‐founder of Flourishing Professional & Freelance Editor

Nicole leads with her soul, and that is what attracted me to her. She helped me fine-tune my brand Glitter for the Soul™ by helping me clarify and illuminate my story to maximize impact. Nicole worked with my budget and delivered an insightful, creative, organized, and inspiring plan for me to execute. I'm so excited to see the results of her genius.

Romita Bulchandani, Founder & CEO, Glitter for the Soul™

You MUST work with Mavyn if you are looking to refine your brand. Nicole was a pro at creating well thought out personas so I had a better idea who to target to get the biggest bang for my buck. A company like Mavyn allows you to focus on the bigger more important aspects of your business while Mavyn handles the necessary time consuming tasks involving branding and marketing.

Kristen Kaweck, CEO, Zen Lab

Working with Nicole was extremely helpful to me. As a new business owner (fitness and martial arts studio), I needed to improve the content of my website, increase my online presence, and create online material that reached a more focused audience. Right after our sessions, my posts consistently received more likes and I retained more followers. By taking Nicole's advice, I am better able to track my progress through analytics, become the face of my company, and more easily find clients that match my 'psychographic'. Thank you Nicole

Sensei Fabiana Cellini, Fit & Fearless

Nicole has been very instrumental in building the customer development plan for Femmecubator. …Her commendable work has been critical to our growth and she has been our most reliable resource in growing the startup. She has helped our team stay on task and focus on what truly matters. I've looked to her as a valuable mentor, especially during our early days building Femmecubator. I couldn't imagine running the startup without her!!

Krizia Fernando, Founder, Femmecubator

Free 30-minute intro session

Don’t take our word for it. Mavyn’s 5-star reviews speak for themselves. Our clients consistently report improvement across the board. That’s because we take client success to heart. Part of our mission is to make sure that actionable insights come out of each and every session.

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